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Sweet Treats

A curated collection of warm, neutral shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, each colour inspired by delicious desserts and some of the world's most tasteful sweet treats. Mouth-watering names including ‘Madeleine’, ‘Galette’, ‘Affogato’, ‘Muscovado’ and ‘Ganache’ bring these enticing colours to life.  Explore the Sweet Treats colours below.

Muscovado Kitchen

Inspired by pure and unrefined muscovado sugar, the rich, deep, warm, earth-red ‘Muscovado’ is perfect for an indulgent space, whether that is a relaxing room or an everyday space bustling with activity, such as the kitchen. ‘Muscovado’ sings on its own but can be framed in a more classic way with mineral white - ‘Slaked Lime’ for a refined scheme that delivers design impact.

Our ‘Sweet Treats’ images show how these beautiful, brown-based hues can be used in every room. Due to their gentle and subdued nature, they are the perfect choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, or any space where you wish to create a restful feel.'
Ruth Mottershead – Creative Director
Roomset image featuring wooden chest of drawers and round mirror. Painted in Madeleine, a soft yellow shade.
Madeleines on a plate with wall painted in Madeleine.

The muted gold ‘Madeleine’ is a sophisticated honey tone that delivers tranquility and warmth. A contemporary alternative to more traditional cream tones, ‘Madeleine’ is gentle, yet deliciously sweet - its yellow base, grounded by a hint of brown, creates a welcoming and comforting hue that is perfect for hallways, living spaces or kitchens. Pair with the neutral ‘Portland Stone’ and calming off white ‘Linen Wash’ for an elegant and classic interior.’

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