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  • The Effect Of Light On Colour

    Light is an extremely important factor to consider when selecting colour for your home. Depending on how the light changes within each room throughout the day will impact the way that colours appear on the walls. Little Greene paints contain 40% more pigment than other paint, giving the shades a depth of colour that subtly changes in different lights.

    When selecting colours, simply paint shades out onto an A4 piece of paper or wall and move them around the room throughout the course of the day so you can see how the changing light will affect them. You will observe big changes in light at different times.

    South Facing Rooms

    South Facing Rooms tend to have warmer light, so colours can appear more yellow. For a South Facing Room, cool shades such as ‘French Grey Pale’ or ‘Gauze’ will read as neutral whites, and warm whites such as ‘White Lead’ or ‘First Light’ will become quite cream.

    Celestial Blue & Marine Blue
    Yellow Pink & Lamp Black

    North Facing Room

    Colours in North Facing rooms tend to look consistently flatter and cooler than they would do when bathed in direct light. Stronger green-blues such as ‘Air Force Blue’ and ‘Canton’ are fairly warm colours. In a neutral scheme, shades with a pink or yellow undertone such as the ‘Rolling Fog’ or ‘Stock’ colour families will help warm up the overall feel of the room.

    Down & Knightsbridge

    West Facing Rooms

    The natural light in West and East facing rooms changes dramatically throughout the day. Make the most of the changing light by varying the strength of shades in a neutral colour scheme and adding in accent colours as a highlight for architectural features.

    Slaked Lime Deep & Route One
    French Grey Dark & French Grey

    East Facing Rooms

    If the bedroom or perhaps kitchen faces East then make the most of the morning with a strong or radiant colour. Bright colours will appear more subdued in the evening light.

    Lamp Black
    Confetti & Lamp Black

    For more information on choosing colour, visit our website:

  • Little Greene - The Library

    Little Greene recently worked with Campbell Smith in the restoration to the Wyatt Ceiling in the Library at Brasenose College, Oxford.

    Campbell Smith provide expert restoration to both fine decoration and more contemporary properties including gilding and stencilling.

    Image: Campbell Smith


    Image: Campbell Smith
    Image: Campbell Smith

    The restoration project was awarded ‘Very Highly Commended’ in the ‘Highly Decorative’ category at the Premier Trophy Awards earlier this month.

  • Using A Colour Highlight - Yellow


    Yellows have an inherent brightness, freshness and warmth that makes them an ever-popular colour all around the home.

    The 'Colours of England' palette includes varying hues of this vibrant shade to provide brightness in both classic and contemporary schemes.


    Mortlake Yellow, Sage Green


    'Mortlake Yellow' is a warm golden yellow which was used generously in the 17th century weaves of the Mortlake Tapestry Works, where under Charles I, a new generation of English craftsmen produced the finest tapestries in Europe.

    Pair with the soothing, natural 'Sage Green' for a scheme inspired by nature.


    Grey Stone, Sunlight


    Sunlight provides a  true reduction of ochre and titanium brightened with a dash of organic yellow, Combine 'Sunlight' with 'Woad' for the perfect backdrop to yellow trim and skirting.



    Light Gold, Urbane Grey

    'Light Gold' is a delightful warm colour originally conceived from chrome yellow, white and a dash of vermilion. Paint a full wall in 'Light Gold' for a beautiful, bold impact.


    Trumpet, Cape Red


    'Trumpet' is an accent colour, derived from the development of strong coloured plastics. Popular when used sparingly in more neutral environments and sometimes used as a joinery colour for flush door faces and architraves, particularly towards the end of the decade and into the early 1980s. Use alongside 'Cape Red' for a powerful, dramatic finish.

  • At Home With Selfridges


    Selfridges on Oxford Street in London selected Little Greene colours for their 'Our House' campaign window display.

    Invisible Green

    The displays were designed to explore the definition of 'home' and the objects that enhance everyday living.

    Blush, Ashes of Roses

    Visit to browse the Little Greene shades used.







  • Wyndham Lewis at IWM North


    Once again, we have collaborated with the Imperial War Museum North on their latest exhibition, 'Wyndham Lewis, Life, Art, War.'

    Image: IWM North

    The exhibition explores the artworks and story of the renowned twentieth-century artist.

    Image: IWM North
    Image: IWM North

    Curators selected a variety of  Little Greene shades to complement the artwork on display including 'Lead,' 'Welcome,' neutral 'Rolling Fog' and the delicate, gentle 'Pink Slip.'

    Image: IWM North

    The exhibition will be open until January 2018.

  • Beyond Borders At The Whitworth


    The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester have launched their latest exhibition, 'Beyond Borders' using Little Greene shades to complement the artwork on display.

    The exhibition explores South Asian textiles through media, fibres, embroidery, film, photography and performance.

    Each selected artist’s new work is debuted alongside textiles and objects from the Whitworth's extensive textile collection.

    High Street - Lapis

    The gallery selected our 'High Street' wallpaper in the 'Lapis' colourway and colours including 'Chocolate Colour' 'Marigold' and 'Shirting.'

    Chocolate Colour

    Beyond Borders will be open to visitors from 20 May 2017 - 3 June 2018.

    Marigold and Chocolate Colour


    Images: Whitworth Art Gallery

  • Little Greene For Little Hands...


    Our most environmentally-friendly paints; our tough and washable Intelligent Matt Emulsion, the supremely resilient Intelligent Eggshell and also our Absolute Matt Emulsion have all been certified as Child Safe under BS EN 71-3: 1995 (also known as the Toy Paint Regulations.)

    Skirting: Marigold 209
    Lower Wall: Pale Lime 70
    Upper Wall: Brighton 203
    Ceiling: Slaked Lime

    These paints are completely safe to use in all areas of the family home, making them the perfect choice for nurseries, furniture and toys.

    Walls: Bone China Blue - Pale 182
    Chalk board: Hicks’ Blue 208
    Desk: Bone China Blue - Pale 182
    Chair: Trumpet 196
    Flooring: Bone China Blue 107 & Bone China Blue - Pale 182

    Our Intelligent Matt and Intelligent Eggshell finishes have been designed to withstand the wear and tear of modern family living. They have been formulated to be:

    - Easy to apply
    - Quick-drying
    - Washable

    Importantly, you don't need to compromise on appearance - these paints have the same signature flatness and depth of colour you would expect from Little Greene.

    Walls: Tivoli 206
    Bedframe: Shirting 129
    Inside of bunk bed: Phthalo Green 199
    Wooden chair: Deep Space Blue 207

    Available in all Little Greene colours.

  • Introducing Flat Oil Eggshell...


    Our new Flat Oil Eggshell provides a contemporary oil-based eggshell finish with a sheen level of approximately 10% that sits right between matt and eggshell.

    Designed specifically for interior use, the formula has been developed to give superior, glide-on application characteristics with extended workability and open time, making brushing out a real pleasure, even for the least confident of painters.

    The formulation provides a smooth, low-sheen finish, suitable for woodwork including kitchen cabinets. The finish is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice to withstand the wear and tear of the family home.

    The product is available in our full range of beautiful, heritage shades for use on interior woodwork and metal.

    Click here to browse the shades.

  • 'Colours of England' in Hamburg...

    Journalists and bloggers attended a press breakfast at Café Paris in Hamburg for a preview of the new 'Colours of England' colourcard.

    Guests enjoyed breakfast at the restaurant before Little Greene Marketing Director, Ruth Mottershead presented the new palette.

    The updated 'Colours of England' colourcard is available to order now from

  • Little Greene at Marylebone Interiors Day 2017

    On Saturday 20th May, our London showroom team took part in the annual Marylebone Interiors Day event, a showcase of interior brands across the village.

    Guest artist Anna Proctor hosted informal workshops in the showroom using the Little Greene palette. Anna showcased her trademark technique of creating bespoke mural designs on a mixture of objects including skateboards and guitars.

    In the lead up to the event we were also invited to present our ‘Little Greene Award’ for a stand-out graduate on the Interior Design programme at Regent’s University.

    After reviewing the work, we awarded the title to Emma Macleod. Her project caught our attention with her innovative solution for an alternative water birthing experience in London.

    After receiving the award, Emma said, “I am very honoured to have received the Little Greene Award at the Regent’s University London graduate exhibition.  It is amazing to have been recognised for my final project by such an innovative company as Little Greene.

    The Interior Design programme at Regent’s has exposed me to such incredible industry opportunities and has created the most authentic, 'real’ experience throughout the degree.  With my final project, I have been fortunate enough to be able to delve into unchartered territory by researching and creating a solution for an alternative water birthing experience in London.  I hoped to create an environment where mothers are able to give birth in a comforting yet raw interior space.

    By incorporating traditional Japanese philosophical concepts of Wabi Sabi and Mono No Aware, I aimed to reintroduce the beauty of imperfection and impermanence to a contemporary western society.  Along with these techniques, a brutalist and simplistic approach to interior architecture allowed the water and natural elements to shine throughout.”

    Our Showroom Manager Robert also delivered an insightful talk at the Regent’s University during the day, featuring The Emotional Journey of Colour’ & ‘How To Use Little Greene Colours’.

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