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  • Job Role - Little Greene - Marketing Assistant


    We are looking for a Marketing Assistant to assist with both online and offline activity to join a fast-growing marketing and design department working across three brands.

    The position sits within a small in-house Marketing and Design Team.



    • Assisting the Marketing Team with general administration support to include maintaining databases, assisting in mail outs and sending out web packs.

    • Writing blogs, newsletters and content for various different types of marketing literature both online and offline.

    • Assisting with the implementation of social media activity across all key social channels.

    • Assisting with the creation and organisation of both online and offline campaigns, competitions and promotions.

    • Helping with the organisation and distribution of retail and stockist communications for UK and export markets (multi-language).

    • Assisting with the preparation of marketing materials for campaigns and product launches.

    • Assisting with the content maintenance and analysis of all websites, updating imagery and text as required as well as reviewing live chat.

    • Supporting the Marketing team with the organisation of monthly PR.

    • Assistance with the arrangement of exhibitions, corporate events/meetings and promotional events/product launches.



    • Design or Marketing qualification or any other equivalent experience

    • Microsoft Office

    • Excellent written English, grammar and communication skills

    • Organised with good time management skills along with a flare for creativity.• Must be conversant with the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.• A good communicator who can work efficiently and effectively with internal and external teams and senior management.

    • Must have a get up and go attitude.

    • 1 year’s previous experience preferred.


    Please email to apply.

  • Choosing Colours For Your Kitchen

    Wall (main): Lamp Black 228
    Side wall: Loft White 222
    Flooring: Shallows 223

    The kitchen is often the heart of the family home. A place you can utilise colour to create a vibrant, inspiring space to reflect your interior style.

    Be bold with dark shades or produce a simple, neutral scheme with a highlight of colour to reflect your personal style.

    Our range of finishes provide a durable, beautiful effect for walls and woodwork including kitchen cabinets and have been specially formulated to withstand busy family life, little hands and even pets.

    Walls and cabinets: Hicks’ Blue 208
    Stool: Green Verditer 92

    When choosing colours for your kitchen, try to decide what sort of style you are looking to achieve, taking into consideration colours that already exist within the space. Furniture, flooring and artwork are all elements that should be included as colours within your palette.

    If there are any architectural features or areas of interest that you would like to draw attention to, consider using colour to highlight these.

    Units up to and including Shelf: Harley Green 312
    Above Shelf: Tea with Florence 310

    When selecting paint for your kitchen, you can choose from both water-based and oil-based paints.

    Our Intelligent Paints are breakthrough water-based paints which are quick and easy to apply. They are completely washable and can be used with utmost confidence on most surfaces including plaster, woodwork and radiators.

    Our Intelligent Paints are also certified as ‘Child Safe’ so are completely safe to use in all areas of the family home.

    Upper Wall: Aquamarine – Pale 282
    Lower Wall: Aquamarine – Mid 284
    Island: Aquamarine 138
    Worktop: Livid 263

    Water-Based Paints

    Intelligent Matt
    A totally matt, yet completely washable alternative to a traditional emulsion paint, perfect for busy homes, particularly on walls and ceilings. The finish has an extremely low gloss level of 5%, providing a beautifully flat, matt finish.

    Intelligent Eggshell

    Intelligent Eggshell is the perfect water-based finish for painting kitchen cabinets. Formulated to resist moisture, staining and general wear and tear, Intelligent Eggshell has a tough yet subtle finish and is perfect for woodwork and both kitchen and bathroom walls. It has a low-sheen level of 15% and is available in the full Little Greene colour palette.

    Intelligent Gloss
    For a high shine finish, Intelligent Gloss is a quick drying alternative to Oil Gloss. It is ideal for use on interior woodwork in rooms that require frequent cleaning. The gloss level is 85% and it is available in all Little Greene shades.

    Oil-Based Paints
    With a nine hundred year pedigree, oil-based paints have long been recognised as the classic finish for woodwork. By forming a deeper bond with the surface than is possible with a quick-drying paint, traditional oil-based recipes are renowned for their increased longevity, excellent flow and smooth finish.
    All our oil-based paints have been reformulated using naturally occurring vegetable oils to replace solvent ingredients.

    Flat Oil Eggshell
    Flat Oil Eggshell is a low-odour, modern oil-based paint which resists staining and general wear and tear making it perfect for woodwork and primed metals. It has a gloss level of 15-20% and is surface dry in just 4 hours. Designed specifically for interior use, the formula has been developed to give superior, glide-on application characteristics with extended workability and open time, making brushing out a real pleasure, even for the least confident of painters.
    The formulation provides a smooth, low-sheen finish, suitable for woodwork including kitchen cabinets. The finish is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for a busy kitchen space.

    Floor Paint
    For wooden or concrete floors, our Floor Paint (also oil-based) is one of the hardest wearing paints available for domestic use and, like all our finishes, is available in the full spectrum of Little Greene colours.

    Brickwork: Confetti 274
    Cupboards: Lamp Black 228

  • Bespoke Colour Consultancy

    Bespoke Colour Consultant, Simon Hutchinson

    For projects that require a more specialised approach, we are able to provide bespoke colour advice and a personal colour creation service.

    Using your own inspiration or an item that you would like to match, we can produce the exact shade that you require in a beautiful, high quality Little Greene finish.

    Bespoke Colour Consultant, Simon Hutchinson

    For projects where historic colours are an important consideration, we recreate original shades using our wealth of experience in colour restoration.

    This service is ideal for conservation projects, in which existing surfaces require restoring to their original finish as well as colour.

    For more information on this service, please contact or contact our Marylebone or Chelsea Showrooms.

  • 19th Century Wallpapers

    The 1800s were a key period in the evolution of wallpaper production.
    During this century, the introduction of continuous paper reels (from France) and subsequently roller-printing in 1840, replaced the traditional technique by which individual rolls were printed by hand.

    The flamboyant, decorative style of the Regency period championed the use of wallpaper. In particular, a fashion for striped papers emerged as they became commercially available, a direct result of this era’s innovative production methods.

    Lower George St - Carousel, Ambleside

    Lower George St

    Despite its contemporary appearance, this abstract design dates back to the early 1800s when such patterns were hugely popular. The original colourway, featuring orangey stars on a pinky yellow ground was discovered on the upper floor of a commercial property.

    Lower George St - Carousel

    Lauderdale - Stone, Lamp Black


    Lauderdale was found in a property overlooking Hampstead Heath, this design results from stencilling as oppose to block printing. A plain green paper would have been cut up on a hessian scrim, stretched over the wall and then stencilled in situ.

    Lauderdale - Stone, Lamp Black

    Wrest Trail - Pink Plaster, Perennial Grey, Lamp Black

    Wrest Trail

    A structured wandering stem is adorned by rather relaxed almost sketch like interpretations of leaves and fruit. Particularly noteworthy for the relaxed quality of drawing used to create the all over trail effect, this design is more mid-twentieth century in style than its actual origin of 100 years earlier.

    Wrest Trail - Pink Plaster, Perennial Grey

    Brodsworth - Empress, Marine Blue


    Based on early 18th century French textiles encompassing panels, scrolls andcross hatching -the pattern was originally designed to imitate stamped leather. Unusually, it was used in both the library and the morning room at Brodsworth Hall in reverse colourways.

    Brodsworth - Empress, Marine Blue

  • Münchner Stoff Frühling

    The Little Greene Munich showroom participated in Munich Stoff Frühling once again, welcoming visitors from March 22nd to March 25th to celebrate our latest wallpaper collection, ‘London Wallpapers V’.

    MD David Mottershead with the Little Greene Munich showroom staff

    The collection spans 250 years of interior design from 1690 to mid-20th century, and is a compendium of authentic historical designs adapted and re-coloured in Little Greene shades for use in contemporary interiors.

    'Carlton House Terrace - Blue Plume'

    Visitors attended our showroom on a vintage bus, which followed a route around the centre of Munich, stopping at showrooms in the heart of the city.

    The Little Greene team guided guests through our colour palette and gave expert advice on combining the new wallpaper designs with our paint shades.

    Thank you to everyone that visited.

  • Embrace The Colour of Spring

    Mister David

    Spring Shades

    Refresh exterior woodwork and metalwork this Spring and bring colour to your outdoor space.

    Our range of exterior finishes are specially formulated for the long-term protection of exterior woodwork and metalwork. Choose from quick-drying intelligent finishes or traditional oil-based versions. Our eggshells have an elegant low sheen whilst gloss paints are extremely smart.


    Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

    Use this superb quick-drying finish on any exterior joinery, it needs no separate primer on bare wood.

    • Available in all colours
    • Virtually odourless in application
    • Extremely durable
    • Inhibits mould and algal growth
    • Weather resistant
    • Low sheen

    Lead Colour

    Intelligent Gloss

    This tough, high sheen, quick-drying finish is a smart choice for exterior doors and windows.

    • Available in all colours
    • Suitable for woodwork, plaster walls and primed metals
    • Fully washable
    • Virtually odourless in application
    • Environmentally-friendly


    Tom's Oil Eggshell

    This oil-based finish benefits from excellent flow during its application and superior penetration, making it extremely hard-wearing. The connoisseur's choice for exterior joinery and great for a low sheen finish.

    • Available in all colours
    • Can be used on all suitably primed exterior woodwork and metalwork
    • Extremely durable, flexible finish
    • Weather resistant
    • Fully washable
    • Virtually odourless in application

    Juniper Ash

    Traditional Oil Gloss

    A traditional oil-based paint with a low-odour, use this as a high gloss alternative to Tom's Oil Eggshell.

    • Available in all colours
    • Suitable for woodworks and primed metals
    • Fully washable

    View the finishes.


    Normandy Grey, Turquoise Blue

    Celestial Blue

    Lamp Black, Turquoise Blue, Trumpet

    Normandy Grey

    Deep Space Blue, Spearmint, Pale Lime, Carmine, Purpleheart, Garden on Dark Lead Colour

  • Painting A Nursery

    Enjoy your favourite colours in all areas of the family home with Little Greene’s Child Safe paints.

    Skirting: Marigold
    Lower Wall: Pale Lime
    Upper Wall: Brighton
    Ceiling: Slaked Lime

    The stylish ‘Intelligent Matt Emulsion’, the durable ‘Intelligent Eggshell’ and the beautifully flat ‘Absolute Matt Emulsion’ have all been certified under BS EN 71-3: 1995, meaning they are free from toxic ingredients and are so safe for children’s rooms they can even be used to paint cots and wooden toys.

    In addition to providing a beautiful finish, our ‘Intelligent,’ water-based paints are practical and hard-wearing to resist the wear and tear of the modern home.

    Xylophone: Citrine, Marigold, Obsidian Green, Mischief,
    Tropez Blue, Pale Lime

    Should there be any accidents, these ‘Intelligent’ paints are washable, providing the perfect finish for high traffic rooms such as hallways and landings.

    Soothing shades

    Walls: James
    Woodwork: Gauze
    Rocking horse: Felt & Slaked Lime - Deep
    Skittles: Milk Thistle, Deep Space Blue, Marigold, Spearmint,
    Phthalo Green, Leather

    Blue colour schemes naturally offer security, longevity, depth and calmness.

    ‘Delicate Blue’ and ‘Pale Wedgwood’ are perfect examples of light, soothing shades - ideal for creating a traditional, tranquil environment within the nursery, which never goes out of style.

    Layer different tones of the same colour, such as on trend green shades for added depth and harmony. The ‘Aquamarine’ Colour Scales offer a perfect alternative to a typical blue or pink colour scheme.

    Inspiring schemes

    (Clockwise from thumb hole) Green Verditer, Mischief , Pale Lime, Mambo, Orange Aurora, Tivoli, Hollyhock, Theatre Red

    Our ‘Colours of England’ colourcard encompasses a fabulous range of easy to use neutrals, a collection of graduated greys, soft and bold tones as well as striking, dark shades.

    Up until the 1940’s, pink was a colour associated with boys. It was only after this period when it became thought of as a more feminine colour.

    Brighter shades such as ‘Orange Aurora’, ‘Marigold’ and ‘Mambo’ can be used to add a colour highlight.

    Orange: Mandarin
    White: Shirting
    Pale Blue: Pearl Colour
    Green: Light Brunswick Green
    Dark Blue: Marine Blue
    Table: Pearl Colour

    Walls: Bone China Blue - Pale
    Chalk board: Hicks’ Blue
    Desk: Bone China Blue - Pale
    Chair: Trumpet
    Flooring: Bone China Blue & Bone China Blue - Pale

    Use Trumpet as an accent colour for a playful highlight within the nursery.

    Top Wall: Phthalo Green
    Lower Wall: Lawnmower Green
    Shelves: French Grey

    Taking its name from the dye pigment, Phthalo Green was extolled in the March 1971 edition of Ideal Home by the interior designer David Mlinaric, who championed strong multi-coloured schemes and suggested the use of this green with ochre shades.

    Wall: Atomic Red

    Atomic Red adds a bold, traditional statement within any scheme. It is a powerful, primary shade that made its way to the English decorative paint market as a direct result of the immigration swell in the 1970s.

    Drawers: Marigold
    Stool: Chocolate Colour
    Walls: Bone China Blue - Pale
    Building blocks: Marigold & Carmine
    Flooring: Bone China Blue & Bone China Blue - Pale

    Marigold was one of the new spice colours introduced to the UK in the 1970's and was hugely popular in the hallmark orange and brown colour schemes. Here it's used to bring a joyful addition of colour within the playroom.

    For Walls

    Walls: Tivoli
    Bedframe: Shirting
    Inside of bunk bed: Phthalo Green
    Wooden chair: Deep Space Blue
    Desk legs: Theatre Red
    Shelf: Mister David, Edge: Phthalo Green

    When painting the walls of a nursery, Intelligent Matt provides a hard-wearing, durable finish that can be wiped clean. They are easy to apply, achieving full depth of colour through minimal coats.

    Patchy or friable walls and new plaster, including skimmed walls and ceilings, are best prepared using Wall Primer Sealer. This will take up the porosity of the surface and provide a uniform base on which to paint any of our water-based emulsion, eggshell or masonry paints.

    If your walls have been previously painted and are completely sound, then no separate undercoat is necessary and two coats of the chosen finish is recommended.

    Two full coats of Intelligent Matt Emulsion are recommended to achieve full depth of colour. Recoat after 4 hours by applying a second coat of Intelligent Matt Emulsion. The substrate will be surface dry within 1 hour.

    For Woodwork

    Chair: Ashes of Roses
    Wicker Shelf Unit: Shirting

    For painting wooden cots and even wooden toys, we would advise using Intelligent Eggshell, a durable, fully-washable finish which is available in our complete colour palette.

    Ensure surface is clean, dry and grease free using sugar soap to remove all loose and flaking paintwork and rinse with clean water.

    For a significant colour change, apply Little Greene Intelligent Primer Undercoat to ensure the depth of colour is retained before two full coats of Intelligent Eggshell is applied.

    The substrate can take a second coat after 4 hours by applying a second coat of Intelligent Eggshell, and will be dry within 1 hour.

  • Bureau 110 Press Event


    French Press Agency, Bureau 110, held a press event on 14th February 2019 to showcase new collections from a variety of interior brands, including our latest wallpaper collection, ‘London Wallpapers V.’


    Carlton House Terrace display


    The event was held at Bastille Centre de Design, an art gallery in the centre of Paris. The venue was decorated with the lead colourways from ‘London Wallpapers V’, alongside the original designs from which they were derived.


    Brook Street display


    Plant pots and birdhouses were decorated using a variety of vibrant Little Greene shades.


    Painted plant pots


    Painted birdhouse


    French designer and artist, Phillipe Model presented the collections to journalists and bloggers, who enjoyed lunch prepared by Italian chef and food writer, Laura Zavan.


    Little Greene sample pot display
    Rolls of London Wallpapers V colourways


    To celebrate the event, Bureau 110 held a prize draw, with one lucky winner receiving a Little Greene scheme of their choice.

  • Secret Linen Store Features Little Greene


    Secret Linen Store have chosen to use Little Greene colours in their most recent look book, showcasing their latest range of luxury bed linen.

    For a tranquil bedroom scheme try our classic off black colour ‘Obsidian Green’ paired with a cool, white tone, ‘Gauze’.

    Dressed with fresh linens and chunky throws, this colour scheme creates a calm, soothing backdrop for a modern bedroom.

    Our ‘Clay’ colour accompanies this rose coloured linen perfectly. Used from floor to ceiling on the panelling of this bedroom, it gives the space a classic feel and brings an element of warmth.

    For a more dramatic effect, try using ‘Basalt’ all over in your bedroom. (We recommend using our ‘Intelligent Eggshell’ finish for the woodwork and ‘Intelligent Matt Emulsion’ finish for you walls).

    To recreate this feminine scheme, use our brownish pink tone ‘Ashes of Roses’. Combine with ‘Citrine’ for a sharp contrasting accent or ‘Cordoba’ for a darker combination.


    Images: @timyoungphotographer

    Secret Linen Store

  • Little Greene at the Scottish Interiors Showcase


    The Little Greene team exhibited at this year’s Scottish Interiors Showcase from 19th-20th February. The two-day event held at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa showcased the latest spring collections of fabrics, lighting, furniture and accessories.


    'London Wallpapers V' display at the Scottish Interiors Showcase


    The stand received a lot of footfall with the new eye-catching ‘London Wallpapers V’ designs on display. The lead colourways of five designs – St James’s Park, Lansdowne Walk, Marlborough, Brodsworth and Carlton House Terrace were showcased, with the wallpaper book on hand so visitors could browse the full collection.


    The Little Greene stand


    Our colour experts guided visitors through our complete colour palette and assisted them with combining colour with various fabrics and furnishings.


    Thank you to everyone who visited us at the show.

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