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Exterior Inspiration

Refresh your outdoor space with our comprehensive range of exterior finishes. Whether you are looking to refresh existing wooden furniture or create a whole new scheme by painting exterior walls, our exterior paints are available in our full colour palette so you can refresh woodwork and metalwork with your most-loved Little Greene shades.
Explore our exterior decoration gallery to inspire your woodwork, metalwork and exterior wall decor.

Decorating your exterior provides long-lasting protection and allows you to personalise your outdoor space.
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Tuscan Red Kitchen

Back Wall: Tuscan Red 140 Table Legs & Plant Pot: Grey Teal 226

Tuscan Red Kitchen

Back Wall: Tuscan Red 140 Table Legs & Plant Pot: Grey Teal 226

Colour Block Teepee

Wood Ash Masonry

Hicks’ Blue Dining Area

Coastal Dining Area

Celestial Blue Balcony

Juniper Ash Breakfast Bar

Bone China Blue Lounge Area

Windmill Lane Potting Shed

Garden Table & Chairs

Arras Outdoor Dining

Basalt Sitting Area

Indian Yellow Bar Space

Mazarine Outdoor Living Space

Giallo Garden Chairs

White Lead Steps

Scree Outdoor Play Area

Striped Outdoor Worktop

Puck Dining Space

Rousseau Inspired Reverie

Silent White Sink

Jack Black Doors

Invisible Green Wall

Marine Blue Pillars

Aquamarine Fireplace

Canton Outdoor Dining

Cool Arbour Wall

Urbane Grey Exterior

Mazarine Breakfast Patio

Lamp Black Wall

Córdoba Stairs

Carmine Wall

Hicks' Blue Wall

Tivoli Highlight

Arquerite Walls

Royal Navy Wall

Ashes of Roses Wall

James Window Sill

Dolphin Garage

Juniper Ash Shed

Summer Dining

Normandy Grey Masonry

Lead Colour Railings

Acorn Outdoors

Tabernacle Dovecote

Grey Teal Dining Area

Yellow-Pink Seating Area

Air Force Blue Seating

Puck Outdoor Space

Basalt Patio

Tuscan Red Outdoor Kitchen

Mid Azure Green Dining

Linen Wash Dining Space

Loft White Bamboo

Bath Stone Dining Space

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