Painting A Nursery

Enjoy your favourite colours in all areas of the family home with Little Greene’s Child Safe paints.

Skirting: Marigold
Lower Wall: Pale Lime
Upper Wall: Brighton
Ceiling: Slaked Lime

The stylish ‘Intelligent Matt Emulsion’, the durable ‘Intelligent Eggshell’ and the beautifully flat ‘Absolute Matt Emulsion’ have all been certified under BS EN 71-3: 1995, meaning they are free from toxic ingredients and are so safe for children’s rooms they can even be used to paint cots and wooden toys.

In addition to providing a beautiful finish, our ‘Intelligent,’ water-based paints are practical and hard-wearing to resist the wear and tear of the modern home.

Xylophone: Citrine, Marigold, Obsidian Green, Mischief,
Tropez Blue, Pale Lime

Should there be any accidents, these ‘Intelligent’ paints are washable, providing the perfect finish for high traffic rooms such as hallways and landings.

Soothing shades

Walls: James
Woodwork: Gauze
Rocking horse: Felt & Slaked Lime - Deep
Skittles: Milk Thistle, Deep Space Blue, Marigold, Spearmint,
Phthalo Green, Leather

Blue colour schemes naturally offer security, longevity, depth and calmness.

‘Delicate Blue’ and ‘Pale Wedgwood’ are perfect examples of light, soothing shades - ideal for creating a traditional, tranquil environment within the nursery, which never goes out of style.

Layer different tones of the same colour, such as on trend green shades for added depth and harmony. The ‘Aquamarine’ Colour Scales offer a perfect alternative to a typical blue or pink colour scheme.

Inspiring schemes

(Clockwise from thumb hole) Green Verditer, Mischief , Pale Lime, Mambo, Orange Aurora, Tivoli, Hollyhock, Theatre Red

Our ‘Colours of England’ colourcard encompasses a fabulous range of easy to use neutrals, a collection of graduated greys, soft and bold tones as well as striking, dark shades.

Up until the 1940’s, pink was a colour associated with boys. It was only after this period when it became thought of as a more feminine colour.

Brighter shades such as ‘Orange Aurora’, ‘Marigold’ and ‘Mambo’ can be used to add a colour highlight.

Orange: Mandarin
White: Shirting
Pale Blue: Pearl Colour
Green: Light Brunswick Green
Dark Blue: Marine Blue
Table: Pearl Colour

Walls: Bone China Blue - Pale
Chalk board: Hicks’ Blue
Desk: Bone China Blue - Pale
Chair: Trumpet
Flooring: Bone China Blue & Bone China Blue - Pale

Use Trumpet as an accent colour for a playful highlight within the nursery.

Top Wall: Phthalo Green
Lower Wall: Lawnmower Green
Shelves: French Grey

Taking its name from the dye pigment, Phthalo Green was extolled in the March 1971 edition of Ideal Home by the interior designer David Mlinaric, who championed strong multi-coloured schemes and suggested the use of this green with ochre shades.

Wall: Atomic Red

Atomic Red adds a bold, traditional statement within any scheme. It is a powerful, primary shade that made its way to the English decorative paint market as a direct result of the immigration swell in the 1970s.

Drawers: Marigold
Stool: Chocolate Colour
Walls: Bone China Blue - Pale
Building blocks: Marigold & Carmine
Flooring: Bone China Blue & Bone China Blue - Pale

Marigold was one of the new spice colours introduced to the UK in the 1970's and was hugely popular in the hallmark orange and brown colour schemes. Here it's used to bring a joyful addition of colour within the playroom.

For Walls

Walls: Tivoli
Bedframe: Shirting
Inside of bunk bed: Phthalo Green
Wooden chair: Deep Space Blue
Desk legs: Theatre Red
Shelf: Mister David, Edge: Phthalo Green

When painting the walls of a nursery, Intelligent Matt provides a hard-wearing, durable finish that can be wiped clean. They are easy to apply, achieving full depth of colour through minimal coats.

Patchy or friable walls and new plaster, including skimmed walls and ceilings, are best prepared using Wall Primer Sealer. This will take up the porosity of the surface and provide a uniform base on which to paint any of our water-based emulsion, eggshell or masonry paints.

If your walls have been previously painted and are completely sound, then no separate undercoat is necessary and two coats of the chosen finish is recommended.

Two full coats of Intelligent Matt Emulsion are recommended to achieve full depth of colour. Recoat after 4 hours by applying a second coat of Intelligent Matt Emulsion. The substrate will be surface dry within 1 hour.

For Woodwork

Chair: Ashes of Roses
Wicker Shelf Unit: Shirting

For painting wooden cots and even wooden toys, we would advise using Intelligent Eggshell, a durable, fully-washable finish which is available in our complete colour palette.

Ensure surface is clean, dry and grease free using sugar soap to remove all loose and flaking paintwork and rinse with clean water.

For a significant colour change, apply Little Greene Intelligent Primer Undercoat to ensure the depth of colour is retained before two full coats of Intelligent Eggshell is applied.

The substrate can take a second coat after 4 hours by applying a second coat of Intelligent Eggshell, and will be dry within 1 hour.