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  • Little Greene Colour Consultancy Sessions with Brewers



    The Little Greene team will be visiting 6 Brewers branches from Friday July 27th to Tuesday July 31st, providing drop-in colour consultancy sessions, along with a complementary sample pot, plus a ‘Little Book of Colour,’ worth £10.00.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    27.07.18 –  Brewers Liverpool 10:00 – 12:00

    27.07.18 –  Brewers Birkenhead 13:00 – 15:00

    30.07.18 – Brewers Bangor 10:00 – 12:00

    30.07.18 – Brewers Wrexham 14:00 – 16:00

    31.07.18 – Brewers Chester 09:30 – 12:00

    31.07.18 – Brewers Morecambe 14.00 – 16:00

  • Coming Soon...


    Sage & Onions 288 & Tea with Florence 310


    Since the beginning of 2018, Little Greene has been working in collaboration with the National Trust. As a result, an extensive paint research project has been undertaken in National Trust houses and gardens throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to find original colours, and to tell the stories of the people who first enjoyed them.

    As with our previous colour-themed capsule collections, including ‘Grey’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Pink’, Little Greene has identified an unrivalled selection of 31 beautiful greens, each with a noteworthy origin, and each with an important place in contemporary interior design. There are 20 National  Trust-derived shades, plus several important greens from Little Greene’s archives and the current colourcard have also been included.


    Jewel Beetle 303, Chocolate Colour 124 & Pique 299


    Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Beatrix Potter’s Cumbrian farmhouse, George Bernard Shaw’s revolving writing hut and even mythical birds featured on the wallpaper hung by Chippendale at Nostell Priory, the new colourcard features some intriguing stories and a gamut of glorious greens in a comprehensive array of hues.


    Blush 267, Sir Lutyens' Sage 302, Invisible Green 56


    Little Greene’s Managing Director, David Mottershead, is excited about the new collection: “With access to over 350 significant historic interiors in the National Trust’s care, we have had an unparalleled opportunity to delve into a prestigious and eclectic mix of decorative styles. It’s been a fascinating exercise and, with such a wealth of resources at our disposal, the hardest part has been editing it down to a selection of colours that will be welcomed by today’s interior designers.”

    'Green' will be launched in September at Decorex, Syon Park. The collection will be available to order through our network of stockists and online from Monday 17th of September 2018.

  • Marylebone Press Preview - 26/6/2018


    Journalists and bloggers attended a press preview of our upcoming capsule collection at the Little Greene Marylebone showroom on Tuesday 26th June.

    Managing Director, David Mottershead presented guests with the refreshing new palette of authentic National Trust paint colours which will be launched at Decorex on the 16th of September.

    We look forward to sharing the new collection with you.



    Photo: Help Refugees


    International artist Lakwena has painted a ‘Choose Love’ mural at London’s Southbank Centre using some of Little Greene’s boldest shades.

    The mural has been produced using the slogan of the ‘Help Refugees’ charity to commemorate Refugee Week 2018. The bright piece has been created to promote kindness, integration and a sense of community using a selection of vivid colours.

    Lakwena’s work can be found in cities around the world such as Miami and Vienna, adding an element of warmth and colour to urban settings.

    Browse the Little Greene colour palette here:


    Photo: Help Refugees
    Photo: Help Refugees
    Photo: Help Refugees
    Photo: Help Refugees
    Photo: Help Refugees

    Finding the right exterior paint that remains both true to colour whilst upholding longevity can be tricky. Luckily, our range of outdoor paints allow you to select the boldest shades with confidence, without the hindrance of weathering.

    Colour that remains as true on exterior surfaces as they do interior gives the reassurance of a continual colour journey, flowing effortlessly throughout your home and outside space.

    Use James 108 for window sills and trims on exterior surfaces for a gentle, natural finish.

    Like any exterior surface, using paint on woodwork can come with its limitations, which is why each of our suitable finishes are pliable, durable and available in all colours. The excellent opaque finish and penetration of our Intelligent exterior eggshell makes it the favourite for exterior joinery. With its self-priming properties on new and bare wood, the water-based odourless finish applies with ease.

    Make an impact with Mister David 47 for a bold finish on exterior wood. Woodwork: Loft White 222

    Intelligent gloss is a quick-drying alternative to oil gloss. As a tough, washable paint with a high gloss sheen, paint your desired colour with confidence knowing that your desired shade is protected and safe from weathering. Or for a flatter finish, our Tom’s oil eggshell is the preferred finish of one of our senior chemists. With a sophisticated low sheen, it boasts excellent penetration and flow applying perfectly on primed exterior woodwork.

    Use strongly contrasting colours for a vibrant scheme. Spearmint 202, Garden 86 and Carmine 189 (L to R) guarantee a bold punch of colour. Wall and Bench: Dark Lead Colour 118

    Alternatively, our Traditional oil gloss offers a timeless high sheen finish. Fully washable, it has the highest cover per square meter of our woodwork paint and maintains a timeless finish on all exterior woodwork surfaces, making it one of the smartest choices for exterior woodwork.

    Pair Trumpet 196 with Turquoise Blue 93 for a strong contrast in your outdoor living space. Summer House: Lamp Black 228


    The kitchen is the heart of the family home. Utilise colour to create a vibrant, inspiring space to reflect your interior style. Be bold with dark shades or produce a simple, neutral scheme with a highlight of colour.

    Confetti and Lamp Black combine for this delicate, contemporary scheme.
    The Aquamarine Colour Scales Family provides varying strengths of the same pigment for a coordinated look.
    A simple monochromatic contrast using Lamp Black and Loft White brings an element drama to this modern kitchen.
    Pair Light Peachblossom and Grey Teal for a muted, feminine finish.
    Brooke House - Cinder is complemented by Serpentine and Ceviche with Grey Moss units.
    David Hicks, one of the most important designers of the 60's and 70's, used powerful colours in combination to dramatic effect. Besides domestic projects for English aristocracy, Hicks also worked on many commercial projects and used this 'Hicks' Blue' in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962.

    Browse the full colour palette here:



    Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, Little Greene’s environmentally friendly paints boast superb depth of colour, longevity and high coverage.

    With sustainability in mind, our water-based paints exceed all legislation on VOCs with our oil-based paints formulated only using naturally occurring vegetable oils.

    The paper used in our wallpapers comes from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forests, with non-toxic pigments used to print them.

    Throughout the process, our packaging, including the metal cans, contains recycled materials and can be recycled again upon disposal.

    Browse our environmentally-friendly paints here.

  • Little Greene at Clare Laughland Interiors


    Little Greene attended a colour workshop at Clare Laughland Interiors in Farnham, providing guidance on combining paint with fabrics and wallpapers.

    Our Sales Manager, Rowan Chapman presented the Little Greene palette before exploring a selection of colour combinations and related shades to complement the fabrics.





    Thank you to everyone who attended the event.

  • The Little Greene Award 2018


    Little Greene celebrated Regent’s University’s End of Year Exhibition by presenting the Little Greene Award, where students showcased their final project work.

    The private viewing of the exhibition took place at Squire & Partners on 2nd May where their final projects were displayed for visitors to view.

    Our Showroom Manager, Robert Paul and Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck were impressed by the high standard of work presented and the variation of innovative concepts on display.

    Left to right: Robert Paul, Jenny Luck, Laoura Engelzou, Azure Lamusse

    Interior Design Course Leader, Laoura Englezou was proud of the winning design, chosen for its use of style, its concept and ability to encapsulate the influence of the surrounding area.

    The project, ReliGIN, created by final year student Azure Lamusse, aimed to take users through a gin themed journey, using interior design and exploring interlocking volumes by utilising copper, a material used in the distillation process.

    Little Greene Award 2018

    Little Greene Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck said: “I felt that the winning presentation by Azure was very user friendly and the customer journey was well thought through. I liked how she brought a touch of style to an area, neighbouring the city and the fashionable east London, along with offering a popular beverage of choice for city slickers.”

    She added: “Azure had thought about incorporating a laboratory where the flavours of the gins would be created. I could see this space really taking off as a tourist attraction and generating interest to the location.”

    Little Greene Award 2018

    Laoura was impressed with the hard work showcased at the exhibition, saying: “We’re really, really proud of our students and the hard work they’ve put in this year – both our final year students with their final major project, and our second year students for doing this amazing work and building the end of year exhibition.”

    Mark Eley, Head of Programmes for Fashion and Design, added: “On this very special night for our final year students, we wish the graduating students every success. Now that they are industry ready, they can go out into this world and conquer their dreams with a toolkit that I hope we have enabled them to have. I hope within this group, we will see the future stars of the design industry.”


  • Finch London- Blush Kitchen


    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London

    Finch London presented a kitchen design featuring our 'Blush' paint shade at Grand Designs Live from the 5th-13th May at the Excel in London.

    The design won 'Interior Room Set - Best Design 2018.'

    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London
    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London
    Image: Polly Tootal, Finch London

    Combined with vibrant greenery, 'Blush' is a muted, rosy tone which creates a strong statement within any interior without being too overbearing.



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