Little Greene at Marylebone Interiors Day 2017

On Saturday 20th May, our London showroom team took part in the annual Marylebone Interiors Day event, a showcase of interior brands across the village.

Guest artist Anna Proctor hosted informal workshops in the showroom using the Little Greene palette. Anna showcased her trademark technique of creating bespoke mural designs on a mixture of objects including skateboards and guitars.

In the lead up to the event we were also invited to present our ‘Little Greene Award’ for a stand-out graduate on the Interior Design programme at Regent’s University.

After reviewing the work, we awarded the title to Emma Macleod. Her project caught our attention with her innovative solution for an alternative water birthing experience in London.

After receiving the award, Emma said, “I am very honoured to have received the Little Greene Award at the Regent’s University London graduate exhibition.  It is amazing to have been recognised for my final project by such an innovative company as Little Greene.

The Interior Design programme at Regent’s has exposed me to such incredible industry opportunities and has created the most authentic, 'real’ experience throughout the degree.  With my final project, I have been fortunate enough to be able to delve into unchartered territory by researching and creating a solution for an alternative water birthing experience in London.  I hoped to create an environment where mothers are able to give birth in a comforting yet raw interior space.

By incorporating traditional Japanese philosophical concepts of Wabi Sabi and Mono No Aware, I aimed to reintroduce the beauty of imperfection and impermanence to a contemporary western society.  Along with these techniques, a brutalist and simplistic approach to interior architecture allowed the water and natural elements to shine throughout.”

Our Showroom Manager Robert also delivered an insightful talk at the Regent’s University during the day, featuring The Emotional Journey of Colour’ & ‘How To Use Little Greene Colours’.

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