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White Design Schemes

Whites are often the most versatile and timeless colours, spanning classic and contemporary schemes and can be used as both a striking main colour or a quieter highlight, on all four walls or contained to just the ceiling or woodwork.

But as with any colour choice, before choosing a white shade, it is important to consider the mood and the atmosphere you wish to create. Often we can make the mistake of choosing brilliant white, which has a slight blue undertone and can make interior schemes feel clinical or harsh. Understanding how the nuances in different whites and soft neutrals behave in different light settings is key.

Little Greene’s brightest mineral white ‘Shirting,’ is crisp and clean but without the harsh blue tinge that comes from using artificial brighteners.
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Flint Bathroom

Wall: Flint 236 Ceiling: Deep Space Blue 207 Window Frame: Marigold 209

Wood Ash Masonry

Hicks’ Blue Dining Area

Juniper Ash Breakfast Bar

Pea Green Door

Arras Outdoor Dining

Indian Yellow Bar Space

White Lead Steps

Shirting Entrance

Flint Living Space

Highlight Hallway

Childrens Bedroom

Silent White Living Room

Linen Wash Dining Space

Linen Wash Laundry Room

Cool Arbour Wall

Gustav Living Space

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