In Store Colour Consultancy

in home colour consultancy


A flexible alternative to an ‘In Home’ Colour Consultancy, particularly suitable if your project is not in London but you can make it to either our Marylebone or Chelsea showrooms. The ‘In Store’ Colour Consultancy takes place in a consultancy suite which offers an inspiring environment where you can surround yourself in Little Greene colours and receive first-hand bespoke advice.


PRICE: £195 for 1.5 hour consultation with full access to our reference books, magazine archives, and our range of painted brush out boards.


LOCATION: Marylebone & Chelsea, London booking.

What you can expect from our In Store Colour Consultancy service:

You will receive an appointment confirmation email with a pre-assessment questionnaire to help us understand your needs ahead of the consultation, this will be emailed to you within 24 hours of booking.

Using any images and plans you have brought with you, you will spend 1.5 hours with one of our dedicated colour consultants to discuss your room orientation and existing furniture to help us pick the right colours for you.

A full specification with recommended colours, finishes and quantities of paint/wallpaper required for your space – this will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Pre-assessment questionnaire
In Store appointment
Introduction to the Little Greene palette
Advice on colour and finish
Advice on combining wallpaper and paint
Full specification supplied within 24 hours
in home colour consultancy

Bespoke Colour

For projects that require a more specialised approach, our Colour Specialist, Simon Hutchinson provides a bespoke colour advice and personal colour creation service.


PRICE: £250 per 1.5 hours.


LOCATION: Marylebone & Chelsea, London.


or call Chelsea: 020 8016 5380
Marylebone: 020 7935 8844

What you can expect from our In Store Bespoke Colour Consultancy service:

Simon has worked as a Colour Specialist for the past ten years and has a vast knowledge of producing and mixing colours for projects that require a more tailored approach. Using spectrophotometry and a detailed understanding of pigments, he formulates both bespoke colours and colour matches for historic shades.

Using your own inspiration or an item that you would like to match, Simon can produce the exact shade that you require in a beautiful, high-quality paint finish.

The consultancy will ensure that the perfect colour is created to complement any tiles, fabrics or furnishings, with all aspects of the room taken into consideration.

Often, there may be a particular piece of artwork that requires complementary shades or an item of furniture that should remain the key piece within the room. Simon will consider this alongside both the natural light and space in your home before producing a fully bespoke specification with recommended colours, finishes and paint quantities.

For projects where historic colours are an important consideration, Simon recreates historic shades using his wealth of experience in colour restoration.

This service is perfect for conservation projects, in which existing surfaces require restoring to their original finish as well as colour.

Pre-assessment questionnaire
In Store appointment
Advice on colour and finish
Expert historic colour advice
Historic colour recreation
Bespoke colour creation
Colour analysis
Full specification