Wallpaper focus: London Wallpapers V


Wallpaper: Brook Street – Etruscan
Left Wall & Stairs: Lamp Black 228
Ceiling & Trim: Tuscan Red 140


‘Brook Street’ sits on a lightly brushed ground and incorporates a soft texture within its motif.

The woven cane-like design is typical of the late 19th century. The Etruscan colourway can be used in combination with black for a contemporary finish. This hallway features contrasting ‘Jack Black’ woodwork and the chalky and intense, deep terracotta, ‘Tuscan Red’.


Wallpaper: New Bond Street – Hide
Wall: Chocolate Colour 124
Fireplace: True Taupe 240


Based on one of the oldest surviving documents in English Heritage’s wallpaper archive, ‘New Bond Street’ originates from an embossed leather wall hanging which actually predates wallpaper.

This bold motif combines with the soft neutral, ‘True Taupe’ on woodwork and the rich ‘Chocolate Colour’ which adds warmth and  depth to the scheme.


Wallpaper: Bedford Square – Acorn
Window Frame & Skirting: Acorn 87
Right Door Frame: Puck 298


‘Bedford Square’ is a design typical of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. New colourways include an uplifting green option that incorporates the Little Greene shades ‘Acorn’, ‘Acorn Mid’ and ‘Puck’.

In this study space, the design is combined with a bolder colour, ‘Puck’ on the doorframe and the subtlety of Acorn-Mid on the skirting. Pair the floral design with rustic wooden furniture to create a look that is reminiscent of the outdoors.