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  • 25 Of Our Favourite Interior Design Bloggers

    Interior design blogs can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. We have scoured the internet in search of the top 25 interior design blogs. Below is our list.

    1. Apartment Therapy
    American orientated interior design blog with big ideas. Apartment therapy offers ideas for every room in the home and its posts are filled with fun ideas and beautiful photography. As a result Apartment Therapy has a huge readership and is updated daily.

    2. Decor8
    Interior designer Holly Becker inspires with her highly engaging style blog. Decor8 also features up and coming designers and Holly shares many of her industry insights and experiences. The blog is both well written and beautiful in design.

    3. Design Sponge
    The one stop shop for tips on living, new products and home design ideas. Design Sponge is highly regarded within the field and you will often find hidden little gems within their posts. The beautiful design and attention detail in itself provides enough reason to subscribe to this blog.

    4. IKEA Hacker
    IKEA have been particularly successful in the way it uses social media and online platforms to promote its brand and products. IKEA Hacker is a simple yet very likeable concept which see’s people share their modification stories. This is where they take an IKEA product and modify it to suit their needs or to create a new piece of furniture.

    5. Freshome
    Providing inspiration for home owners around the world. Freshome makes great use of photography to showcase the very best in modern interior design. There are some truly breathtaking properties featured on this blog and endless hours can be lost browsing through each post.

    6. Contemporist
    Inspiration for interior designers and architects. Contemporist showcases a range of properties and is updated almost daily.

    7. Grass Roots Modern
    Grass Roots Modern success comes from its ability to provide affordable interior design tips. Most blogs focus on high end furnishings and decorations however Grass Roots Modern provides ideas suitable for every budget. So if you like modern and affordable design ideas give Grass Roots Modern ago.

    8. Design Boston
    Boston is thriving city and has a great interior design scene. There are many great architects and designers that live in the area and Design Boston showcases many of their works. As you would expect all stories are Boston centric but it’s a great place for seeing the latest trends from across the pond.

    9. Hatch
    A modern style, design and fashion blog. Hatch is contributed too by several authors and provides a relaxed style and easy read. The posts are not particularly in depth but again provide inspiration and ideas.

    10. Remodelista
    Remodelista is for interior design addicts and a personal favourite at the Little Greene. Its design is a little basic but it lets you get right into the important bits. The browse by room feature is particularly useful and they have recently announced the launch of an iPad app. Remodelista is full of hidden gems and well worth subscribing to.

    11. World Interior Design Network
    Not necessarily the best designed blog but it’s full of weird and wonderful products for the home. The resources available on the site are also worth checking out as they have some great industry insights and ideas.

    12. Adelto
    A blog dedicated to great photography and luxury living. Adelto showcases some of the finest properties from around the world. Endless hours could be lost here.

    13. Carolina Eclectic
    Author Carolina Saunders is the owners of Carolina Saunders design and specialises in modern eclectic design. If you are going for this type of look then this is the blog to read. She shares her ideas and latest designs. The design makes it difficult to read in parts but well worth a look.

    14. Fokal
    Fokal is one of the best interior design and home decor blogs around. The blog not only looks great but is also full of great imagery and ideas. Fokal focuses often on modern design and showcases many beautiful properties.

    15. Coco Cozy
    Interior design tips blog. It’s clean and simple design make it an easy to read blog and is full of great ideas.

    16. Latemag
    A blog that showcases modern furniture. The focus is on high end furniture and is worth the occasional read.

    17. Yanko Design
    Yanko Design is a cutting edge blog that looks to the future. It is highly regarded and many of the products featured here find their way into main stream design. The blog was started in 2002 and according to Technorati is one of the most read blogs on the internet. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary then this could be the blog for you.

    18. Belle Maison23
    Simply yet effective. Belle Maison focuses on high end designs and is the home of Julie Thigpen. She shares her ideas and inspiration.

    19. Decoist
    Love interior design and architecture? Then this could be the blog for you. It not only looks great but its also full of great ideas. Unlike many other blogs Decoist provides practical ideas and examples and is one of the most underrated blogs around.

    20. Better Living Through Design
    If you want to add something that little bit extra to your interior or are looking for a unique range of accessories then BLTD could be for you. This blog clearly focuses on imagery and features products you won’t find in many other places.

    21. Design Spotter
    Dedicated to design, fashion and trends. The founders of Design Spotter have a strong belief in young talent and as a result often showcase the talent of up and coming designers. Design Spotter also features concepts and product showcases.

    22. 2 Modern
    The modern furniture and design blog. 2 Modern has over 20 contributors and is full of hip, trendy and innovative design ideas. We think this blog looks great and makes for a great read.

    23. Lush Pad
    Modern furniture and design blog. Unlike many of the other blogs we have listed LushPad features a wealth of videos. This provides a different user experience. LushPad like many others is a great source of inspiration for designers.

    24. Dwell
    American Furniture company Dwell runs a blog that is dedicated to design ideas and furniture. As you would expect it does include some posts about its products and services. It’s not a blog you would visit frequently however it’s worth the odd browse from time to time.

    25. Green Your Decor
    Guide to stylish and sustainable decorating. Green Your Decor is run by Jennae Petersen. She wanted to provide a blog that was dedicated to finding eco friendly products that could be used for decorating. The green issue is bigger than ever and this blog caters well to people with a keen interest in this area. The blog also looks great and makes for a great read.

    This concludes our list of the top 25 interior design bloggers. There are many other great blogs out there dedicated to interior design. If you think yours is worth a mention then why not leave us a comment.

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