Introducing Flat Oil Eggshell...


Our new Flat Oil Eggshell provides a contemporary oil-based eggshell finish with a sheen level of approximately 15-20% that sits right between matt and eggshell.

Designed specifically for interior use, the formula has been developed to give superior, glide-on application characteristics with extended workability and open time, making brushing out a real pleasure, even for the least confident of painters.

The formulation provides a smooth, low-sheen finish, suitable for woodwork including kitchen cabinets. The finish is extremely durable, making it the perfect choice to withstand the wear and tear of the family home.

The product is available in our full range of beautiful, heritage shades for use on interior woodwork and metal.

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  • Chicnotshabby

    I have done a lot of furniture upcycling in the past using the Little Greene Traditional Oil Eggshell and found it to be a perfect paint - worked well with a foam roller as well as a brush, was self levelling and gave a beautiful smooth finish. It cured into a very durable finish which I'm confident in cleaning down without damage. I went to get more this summer but came back with the new Flat Oil Eggshell after being told the traditional is no longer available. What a difference. It is as thin as milk, doesn't work anywhere near as well with a roller, leaves much more visible stippling or brush marks, and seems to require a third coat to make a half decent finish even over LG colour matched undercoat. It is such a disappointment and I'm now looking for an alternative as having completed three large projects I don't think I'll buy more. Any other products in the Little Greene range likely to suit better? I next need to paint a set of dining chairs and I will not use the Flat Oil finish.

  • Ali

    As a decorator of thirty something years I have to say the paint is terrible. It marks very easily. This eggshell leaves brush strokes and takes several applications to rectify. As it had been the purchase of the customer i had to fight to get a decent finish.
    I have no idea whether it had been the specific 2.5ltr or not, I'll certainly recommend another paint before using little greene eggshell again.
    Five applications each door is never done with paints today yet has been the norm for the woodwork i have just painted.