A Warm Welcome Back to the Whitworth!


After two years and £15m spent on restoration, The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester has reopened its doors. The transformation has been heavily inspired by the building’s own rich history with its heritage clearly reflected in its remodelled interiors.

Image by Ian Smith Image by Ian Smith

After careful consideration by curators, the 125 year old gallery selected shades from our authentic ‘Colours of England’ card. The colours were chosen specifically for each space, dependent on the lighting in the room and the type of artwork on display.

Whitworth Image by David Levene

The current exhibition, 'Portraits' includes depictions of people that have played an important role in the Whitworth’s history. With a range of such diverse works in a relatively small space, the Georgian ‘Lead Colour’ (117) was chosen to offset the works whilst at the same time providing continuity between them.

The Grand Hall combines ‘Normandy Grey’ (79) with our Victorian ‘Sage Green’ (80) for a solid yet subtle backdrop, creating a calm, soothing environment.

Other tones chosen for the gallery included the pure, natural white of ‘Shirting’ (129) for the building’s beautiful barrel vaulted ceiling as well as the light, white 'Slaked Lime' (105).

Central Exhibition Gallery, Cornelia Parker's exhibition, The Whitworth, Photographer David Levene, 10 Image by David Levene

The gallery opened on February 14th with Cornelia Parker’s ‘Cold Dark Matter’ exhibition and has recently received the coveted North West Building of the Year award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Children Whitworth Image by Jan Chlebik

The gallery is expected to welcome 500,000 visitors in its first year alone and we are extremely proud to collaborate with one of Manchester’s most prominent cultural landmarks.