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‘Secret Lids’ Winner Announced

Now that our ‘Secret Lids’ competition is over, we’ve had some time to reflect on the response we had, which has been very interesting. Congratulations to Peter Dickinson on winning our Charlie & The Chocolate Factory style competition. Although we can’t award him a chocolate factory, Mr Dickinson has won £1000 for simply finding and returning one of our lids with the following secret message on it:

Shhhh… Can you keep a secret? This is genuinely something to keep to yourself…. This lid is one of only a few of its kind. Send the lid back to us with your name, address and proof of purchase and you will be entered into a draw to win £1000 in cash. The less lids we get back, the greater your chances of winning. Go to for more information, closing date and times. Good luck!

We wanted to find out how many people read all the text on packaging (and reward those who do), and the results were amazing.

With only one lid returned in the first nine months, we decided to extend the competition, and by the time we put a deadline on it there were several thousand lids out there on the shelves of shops and sheds across the land, but very (very!) few returned to Little Greene HQ in Manchester.

Over the final few weeks we went public with the competition, engaging with everyone about it on our Facebook and Twitter pages and found that the secret lids were still heavily in circulation and easily accessible from independent paint shops all over the country. Some stores found they had several potential prize-winning tins, and made sure the paint-buying public knew about it!

Everyone likes a nice surprise and although we don’t yet know what we might do next, make sure you keep your eyes open and perhaps you’ll stumble across ‘Secret Lids II’…

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  • Pete

    Just goes to show “you should always read the small print!”

    Many thanks Little Greene. Ive discovered a high quality paint and find that i’m the winner of this competition too.
    Right…..i’m off to the sweet shop!


  • The Little Greene

    That’s correct Pete and you’re more than welcome.

    Do tell us what you buy… :)