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  • The Little Greene Award at Marylebone Interiors Day


    For the second year running, Little Greene has partnered with Regents University London to commemorate Marylebone Interiors Day, a celebration of Marylebone's interior design theme with a day of workshops, offers and consultations.

    Little Greene collaborated with the university on the ‘Little Greene Award,’ inviting students to produce and present creative design ideas for the chance to win the award and have their work displayed in the Little Greene London showroom.

    The ideas produced were judged by how closely they matched Little Greene’s brand identity, mirroring their originality and exploration of colour whilst maintaining the fundamental qualities of beauty, quality and accessibility.

    The award was judged by Little Greene Showroom Manager, Robert Paul and Colour Consultant, Jenny Luck.


    Paul_Terry_Photography_Regents_University_Fashion_&_Design_Small_266 L-R Jenny Luck, Robert Paul, Anna Yumasheva, Mark Gower Image: Paul Terry Photography


    Interior Design student Anna Yumasheva received the award for her interior design scheme for an Urban Piano School.

    She said: ‘I have done this project because I play piano myself and I graduated from my music school in Russia so I always wanted to do a project that would include music and especially piano because it is one of my passions as well as interior design. I was really happy that we could write our own brief, straight away I knew it was going to be a music school.’


    Paul_Terry_Photography_Regents_University_Fashion_&_Design_Small_269 Little Greene Award Winner, Anna Yumasheva. Image: Paul Terry Photography


    The piano school design was Anna’s BA (Hons) Interior Design final year graduation project and was aimed at encouraging people from disadvantaged backgrounds to explore their potential through music.

    The design was displayed in our showroom on the 21st of May to coincide with Marylebone Interiors Day.

    For more information on the Little Greene Marylebone showroom, visit

  • Visit Little Greene At The Irish Interior Showcase

    Little Greene will be exhibiting at the Irish Interior Showcase on the 16th and 17th of May in Dublin.

    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 17_LR Paradise - Feather


    Visit our stand at Clayton Hotel – Dublin Airport to view our new wallpaper collection, 'Archive Trails' an archive-inspired anthology of English and French trailing wallpaper motifs and our latest paint collection, 'Blue.'

    Blue Collection The 'Blue' Collection

    Our ‘Blue’ capsule collection brings together some known Little Greene shades with a spectrum of archive blues from confident indigos to calm linen hues.

    For more information or to register to attend the show, visit:

  • Visit Little Greene at House Dublin 2016

    Little Greene will be exhibiting at House Dublin from the 20th-22nd May.

    The stand will feature the latest wallpaper collection, ‘Archive Trails’ and display a selection of Little Greene colours. The 3 day event will celebrate the best of Irish interiors and showcase the latest interior design ideas and trends.

    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 23_LR

    Visit us on Stand B18 to view our latest paint and wallpaper collections.

    House Dublin will be held at:

    RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

  • A Grand Entrance

    Embrace the trend for bold, statement front doors with Little Greene exterior paints.

    2 - Mister David Front Door Mister David 47

    Offering both water-based and traditional finishes for all exterior joinery, Little Greene’s exterior finishes include:

    Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

    Tom’s Oil Eggshell

    Intelligent Gloss

    Traditional Oil Gloss

    Below, you will find some frequently asked questions to help you select the best finish for your exterior paint project.

    What is the best finish for exterior woodwork?

    Little Greene offers both water-based and traditional finishes for all exterior joinery. Choose from our Intelligent Exterior Eggshell or Tom’s Oil Eggshell for a low sheen finish or Intelligent Gloss and Traditional Oil Gloss for a high gloss effect.

    14 - Front Door - Celestial Blue Celestial Blue 101

    How do I need to prepare exterior woodwork prior to painting?

    • Previously painted woodwork must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded to a firm edge, removing any loose or flaking paint. Any gaps and cracks must be cleaned, filled and sanded.
    • Bare wood must be primed using Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat before painting.
    • For knotty wood or resinous wood, our Aluminium Wood Primer should be applied. This will seal any resins within the wood. A coat of the Traditional Oil Primer Undercoat will then ensure the smooth application and perfect adhesion of the final coat – most likely to be one of our exterior gloss or eggshell finishes.

     A Tip From Our Chemist: Little Greene Intelligent Exterior Eggshell is self-priming so no additional primer is required.

    To browse the exterior paint collection, visit

  • Münchner Stoff Frühling


    The Little Greene Munich showroom participated in the three day event, Münchner Stoff Frühling. The annual exhibition from the 11th-14th of March saw the Little Greene showroom decorated with the latest wallpaper collection, 'Archive Trails' and featured the lead design, 'Vine.'


    IMG_8811 IMG_8797

    Guests enjoyed black and white cakes to celebrate the show’s colour scheme, whilst the showroom window was decorated with wooden birds painted in a selection of vibrant Little Greene shades to demonstrate how paint can be paired with wallpaper.

    IMG_8803 IMG_8820

    Thank you to all the guests who visited the showroom.

  • Flora And Fauna

    The latest Little Greene collection, ‘Archive Trails’ is an anthology of trailing wallpaper motifs that can be used in either a classic or contemporary setting.

    Here we have compiled six ways to use ornithological and floral prints with coordinating paint colours for an effortless yet refined interiors scheme.

    Sophisticated Framing

    Rather than opting for a full feature wall, frame a large, bold print and combine with coordinating colours to achieve a contemporary, artistic look. The muted Gustav – Trophy combines perfectly with simplistic Grey Moss 234 framing and a neutral Linen Wash 33 backdrop.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 07_LR Gustav - Trophy Frame: Grey Moss 234 Wall: Linen Wash 33 Trim and Fireplace: Loft White 222


    Create Cosiness and Warmth

    Create a sumptuous accent wall using Vine-Bleu and coordinate with trims painted in Lamp Black 228. Pairing a classic wallpaper design with a bold, deep colour immediately updates the room and exudes warmth.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 09_LR Vine - Bleu Woodwork: Lamp Black 228 Cupboards: Portland Stone Deep 156


    Pattern Contrast

    Use two contrasting wallpaper colourways together to create harmony within a large space. Use a neutral colour on woodwork and doors to ensure that the wallpaper remains the focal point.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 15_LR Paradise - Nightshade, Paradise - Aquamarine Woodwork: Loft White 222


    Colour Highlights

    Accessorise with a fresh highlight of colour using a bright shade like Mister David 47 to complement the vibrancy of the wallpaper design.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 18_LR Stitch - Highland Trim: Livid 263 Bath: Mister David 47 Floor: Acre 76 Shutters: Slaked Lime 105


    Simple Combinations

    Utilise classic colour combinations such as gold and white for an effective contrast. The delicate shimmer of Sakura – Yellow Lustre is complemented by the simplicity of Loft White 222.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 03_LR Sakura - Yellow Lustre Ceiling and Woodwork: Loft White 222 Floor: Inox 224


    Outdoor Inspiration

    Take inspiration from natural colour combinations. Explore the delicate pastel shades found in a typical English garden and enhance them by accessorising with fresh floral arrangements.


    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 11_LR China Rose - Blue Lustre Skirting: Stock 37


    To view all the wallpaper designs, visit or The Little Greene Paint Company on Pinterest.

  • Explore The Archives

    Every roll of wallpaper we create has been drawn from an historic pattern we have found. Some were originally hand-printed pieces, discovered as fragments behind layers of wallpapers in prestigious period homes. Other documents have been carefully preserved in archives at English Heritage or the Whitworth Art Gallery in Little Greene’s home in Manchester.

    Founded in 1889 as the first English gallery in a park, the Whitworth has recently been transformed by a £15million development. Having been awarded the Art Fund’s ‘Museum of the Year 2015,’ the gallery has an extensive wallpaper archive featuring wallpapers dating back to the 17th century.

    From January 29th to September 4th 2016, The Whitworth’s Wallpaper exhibition features highlights from their collection of 50’s and 60’s wallpapers including designs by Roger Nicholson and John Line.

    The exhibition features the original documents of three Little Greene designs.

    Most recently acquired by Little Greene for the ‘20th Century Papers’ collection, ‘Zingara’ is a design from a John Line collection produced in 1960. The colourway Cerulean Sea is completely faithful to the document found in the wallpaper archive at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery. The elegant freehand line quality of the original drawing serves additional charm to this relaxed scene of boats resting at anchor.

    20160129_160012 Original Zingara Design - Whitworth Art Gallery



    Zingara Cerluean Sea, Jack Black 119 Zingara - Cerulean Sea, Jack Black 119

    ‘Florette’ is a striking, light-hearted design that embodies the 1950s, this paper was found in “The Architects Book of 100 Wallpapers” published in 1954. The original paper shows a selection of line-drawn dandelions, almost lost against an informal freehand trellis. The contemporary interpretation is a little easier on the eye, featuring the six subtly varied flower heads on a solid ground of colour.

    20160129_155712 Original Florette Design - Whitworth Art Gallery


    01 Florette Acid Drop Florette - Acid Drop

    ‘Hampstead’ was inspired by the hand-printed ‘Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene is attributed to designer Els Calvetti. All the line detail is retained and even the original colourways of grey and blue were accurately recreated by Little Greene for the 21st Century interior.

    20160129_155745 Original Hampstead Design - Whitworth Art Gallery
    Hampstead Penumbra, Celestial Blue 101 Hampstead - Penumbra, Celestial Blue 101

    The ‘Wallpaper’ Exhibition will continue until September the 4th 2016 and is free to visit.

    Visit for more information and to browse our range of historic paint colours and wallpapers.

  • Archive Trails - The Colouring Book

    Little Greene’s latest wallpaper collection, ‘Archive Trails’ is an archive-inspired anthology of English and French wallpaper motifs.

    Little Greene 2016 Archive Trails 05_LR Darwin - Serein

    Featuring floral patterns from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries, these seven charming designs have been carefully redrawn and printed in a range of beautiful Little Greene colourways to grace the 21st century home.

    To celebrate the launch of the collection, we're giving you the opportunity to create your own colour stories using the outlines of these authentic historic designs.


    Download and print the 'Archive Trails' colouring book and share your artwork with us on Twitter and Instagram using #archivetrails.

    Click here to download the Archive Trails colouring book.

  • The Perfect Backdrop

    The Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London recently refreshed their interiors scheme with the help of the Little Greene Marylebone showroom.

    _MG_8234 Marine Blue 95

    The gallery worked with one of our colour consultants to select a variety of shades to complement the individuality of the artwork on display at their London gallery.

    Little Greene assessed the space and light in the building and researched the personal style of the gallery. They then explored a range of shades, before being guided through the process of selecting colours and choosing the correct finishes to use.

    _MG_7806 Orange Aurora 21
    _MG_7940 Inox 224, Lamp Black 228

    Frankie Cherry, Director of Communications at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery said the new paint colours have already been complimented by their customers:

    'As long-time admirers and customers of Little Greene, we were delighted when the showroom opened round the corner from us in Marylebone. Colour Consultant, Robert Paul is absolutely first-class in his knowledge of paint combinations and ideas, which we have implemented in the gallery to great effect. Our latest scheme involves Little Greene's ‘Angie’, ‘Orange Aurora’ and ‘Mister David’, and is going down a wow with customers of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.’

    _MG_7799 Fern - Pink, Starflower - Peacock

    She has also noticed a difference in the galleries atmosphere and believes the colours have helped to create a more engaging environment:

    ‘Having colour in a gallery transforms it into a warmer, more homely space - collectors can really imagine the artworks on their walls. What's more, we've been able to establish some exciting colour relationships in our installations and exhibitions. Certain walls really bring artworks to life and unexpected connections form across the gallery space.'

    _MG_7936 Inox 224, Fern - Off Black
    _MG_7827 Urbane Grey 225, Inox 224

    For more information on the Little Greene colours featured, click the links below:

    Marine Blue 95

    Orange Aurora 21

    Inox 224

    Lamp Black 228

    Urbane Grey 225

  • Little Greene Corporate Colour Consultancy


    Sample Pots - Portrait Little Greene

    What is a corporate colour consultation?

    Our corporate colour consultancy service has been designed to assist interior designers, property developers and commercial premises looking to work alongside Little Greene to select a colour scheme.

    How do I arrange a colour consultation?

    You can contact the Little Greene Marylebone showroom to request a call back to arrange a colour consultation by emailing with your name, address and contact number.

    How long is a colour consultation?

    The consultation duration varies depending on the number of rooms that require assessment and the depth in which you require colour advice.

    How much is a colour consultation?

    Consultations will vary in cost depending on the project, we will work alongside you to create a bespoke service.  Please enquire with our showroom for a quote.

    What will the colour consultancy consist of?

    One of our colour consultants will visit you to guide you through the colour selection process. They will work alongside tradesmen, architects and contractors to assess the buildings requirements.

    For period properties, they will provide full details of all Little Greene’s heritage colours so a scheme can be tailored to the building.

    They will also be able to assist with guidance on protective coatings and industrial paint that can be supplied through our sister company, Bradite.

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